Q. How long does my hair have to be for a wax?

A. It recommended that body hair is about 1cm long, especially if this is a first wax. This means that the hair will come out better and leave a nice smooth finish. If hair has only been left a week since shaving, there is no guarantee that a wax will remove all hairs and leave a smooth finish.

Skin Treatment Question

Q. Why do I have to have a patch test if I’ve had it done somewhere else before?
A. To make sure you are not allergic to the products used in this salon as all products are different. Also it is useful to see if your body’s reactions have changed, for example, hormones produced when having a baby can mean your skin changes and so you may have a reaction afterwards, that you might not have had before.

Q. What products will you use in my facial?
A. We will identify what skin type you have and use products from our range accordingly. The range covers, Oily, Combination, Dry, Mature and Sensitive skin. You will also get a sample sachet of the products used in your facial to take home and try for yourself.

Q. My Skin is very dry, Which Facial Would I Choose?
We would recommend a decleor facial for a dry skin. But again a complimentary consultation would be a good idea so we can see and analysis the skin to give you the best advice.

Q. How long will my Eyebrow shape last for?
Your eyebrow shape should last about 3-4 weeks if you have threading they will last 4-6 weeks. HD Brows the girls recommend every 4 -6 weeks return visit.

Makeup question

Q. I’m a little bit worried about wedding make-up. Like will it last all day? And will I look orange or shiny?
A. Yes it will last all day, I do it at 8am sometimes and it lasts til 11pm. Obviously lipstick doesn’t but you can top it up with your own and you can always buy the powder if you’re really worried but it’s usually fine. I use an ultra matte base foundation, before I put any colour on, to mattify your face and stop the shine. I also use a very light moisturiser to stop the skin being greasy, and I do a full cleanse tone and moisturise before the make up is applied. I’ve got several shades so you won’t look orange, and I don’t plaster it on, just enough for good even coverage for photos. I use Anthony Braden mineral make up so it gives you a dewy look and looks brilliant on photos. Mineral make up is what they use for HD tv programmes to make the skin look good. If you go on the Facebook page for the salon, there are photo galleries so you can see some examples of wedding make up.

Q. Can you cover my spots up?
A. I do a full colour correction before the foundation is applied to give even skin tone, so yes I can cover up spots, blemishes, dark eye circles, birthmarks etc.